GamersRUs - Season 3

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Apr 12, 16

Hello Gamers of the World.

We thank you for visiting our site, and many of our worlds since 2013! 

We would like to announce for the start of our 3rd Year as a business, GamersRUs will be moving into a closed community format.

With this change, we will be focusing on the active members, as testers & gamers for all the new worlds, formats, coding and abilities to come.

Visitors will be able to come to the main site, register and still see this main page.

The change; only active members will be a "#Cloud" (Full Membership Gamer)

To be able to join GamersRUs, and recieve the #Cloud Tag with all its privilages, you must request by mail an application to Admin - Obscurananoxa7

For all Gamers though, you will still be able to game in the worlds thru the IP which leads to our Lobby of WorldSeed on 1.7.10 found here

To get into the Game, see this video with the same format of instructions, regardless of the world pack updates!

The Files Needed can be found on the page specifically set for that world with all its information!

Join Us in Creating Excitement (J.U.I.C.E.) in this next year of gaming, as we continue forward, to our goal of a Full Dive System for all #Clouds in the Sky.

Worlds to see this year on schedule - Avatar - Bleach - Naruto - Sword Art Online - FairyTail - DragonBall - Pokemon - Lord of the Rings - Heroes - MOBA - TopHat Emoji - Gallatic Prison - A Certain Magical Server - Log Horizon - Dungeon - Seven Deadly Sins - World Trigger - Ken Genso - Food Wars - Hitman Reborn!