GamersRUs Season 3 - FairyTail Infinity

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Feb 6, 16

It is now the third year of Gamers’R’Us, and we are leading GRU’s Third Season with a brand new server release: Fairy Tail!

The premise of GRU’s Minecraft adaption of the Fairy Tail anime is simple: all of the different magics in the world have been sealed away by great pillars called Face.

To free a certain type of magic, whether fire type, electric type, celestial type or others, players must complete daily quests to chip away at the specific pillar that has a certain type of magic sealed away. When that magic is unsealed, it becomes available to all, and players can experience roaming across the world with their newfound abilities.

The mod pack for the server has been prepared by Skykros for our use. Here is the link to it: GamersRus Core Pack
Remember to follow the steps accordingly to properly install the mods.

The server IP address is and the Minecraft version is 1.7.10 (with Forge and Liteloader).

The servers we have slated for release next are: Bleach, Naruto, and alot more!!!
We are excited to present our first Fairy Tail server to our players, and we look forward to all of you joining us in this Third Season of the lifetime of Gamers’R’Us!

Eat, sleep, game, repeat – and friends in the digital world you shall meet.