Welcome to WorldTree

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Jan 5, 16

Hello and Happy New Years to all Gamers!

This year GamersRUs is Happy to Announce that "WorldTree" our main Hub will be growing 24 Branches ( WorldSeeds that have grown )

With all these new worlds, you will be able to live your goals and dreams in a community that support the love of Gaming and Anime to the Fullest!

Each world will have unique abilities and adventures that await you! This year we want you to not only be a player, but part of the story!

If you would like to Join Us, simply follow the instructions in the Video Above, when ready enter the IP -

You will need our GamersRUs Mod Pack so that you are ready for anything in Every World! 

Join Us In Creating Excitement (J.U.I.C.E.)

We Hope to see you in there, and thank you for coming to our Community Site!

GRU-MEMBERS SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Community WorldPass Item has reached its Goal! To get all your WorldPass's Extended to Mid-Summer, you only need to be in this weeks Top Hours or Buy One Pass for all your items to be included - this suggestion was sent in by Skyviking and Approved By The Community!

I have a Dream to lead a community that values equality for all members, regardless of country, race, age or affiliation. To create a place that is safe for all to be able to say "I GRU UP" - Skykros