Community Power

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Dec 1, 15

How appropriate that, as a community, we hit our goal for the server to be extended to Friday. 

Then, we hit our goal to make permanent the "Core of Worlds".

Join US @ with the GamersRus Pack

I would like to announce that, due to the overwelming support of this event, I will be changing the goal checkpoints that we extended, to the following:

12 Days of Christmas Sale - Starting today Giving Tuesday
15% of all sales will be donated to a charity. We will vote in December 12th's meeting which one to send our support too!

Our Goal Check Points are:
50 Items Sold - All items from the black friday / 12 days sale will become available for all Worlds Released this Year
100 Items Sold - All Players will recieve 500 Points and 2 Raffle Tickets & we will increase the donation to a Charity to 20%

*The Raffles will take place for all 2015 items December 12th. The items will be from the GRU Steamed Shop!


Take a moment to photo yourself in the server, post to your GamersRUs Wall, social media choice, or GamersRUs Facebook
add to the Photo #unSelfie & #‎GivingTuesday
All Entries will gain an aditional Raffle Ticket Free