This is Halloween, This is Halloween

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Oct 31, 15

Dear Reader of this formal letter,

My name is Jack, current pumpkin king of a formerly prosperous kingdom. As my first order as king I changed all the money to chocolate coins, and made the overweight ghost the banker (We don't have a very good economy anymore) Anyways, the Hopes and Dreams families which were running this world are now residents of the crypts. That and the kings forces tried to overthrow me so I made them graveyard residents. I'd like to invite you and your fresh souls... friends to a... "Party" where I will ascend to Pumpkin Lord through the ancient pumpkin rituals. With these new found powers I will change the world seed to a world pumpkin and change up the worlds a bit. I have some great ideas! Attack on Titan will become Attack on Teletubbies. One Piece will be Theodore Tugboat, Naruto will be about crayons (I like coloring) Ect. Anyways, there can only be one Pumpkin Lord and that is going to be me, don't even try to stop me. BUT IF YOU DO, there is a survivor badge in it for you, pumpkin lord powers and whatever else the GRU leader puts up on my bounty... Thanks guy... Oh and sorry for the stains on this letter, I wrote it at the restaurant on my napkin.. I'm resourceful!

Join us at :

MC version: 1.7.10 Look for the pumpkin to begin!

PS Huge shout out to Fu, Rapinair and Rose for redecorating my house!
PSS Huge thanks to Skykros for helping with my pets!
PSSS Maybe next year you can do so for my brother, he's super handsome and looks like me, his name is Jack! PSSSS I don't have a brother..

Oh yer..If you want to learn more about me (jack) read my book! Its due in the forums soon!