Worldseed - Chapter 1 - The Era of Elements

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Oct 16, 15

This Weekend .. Avatar has evolved to the next level of Bending!

With the recent Minecraft updates, all Avatar bending abilities have been upgraded and revamped for a new and engaging player experience.
Water, fire, air, and earth are all in, as well as the brand new Evolved Bending Abilities in the Gameshop: Blood Bending, Lava Bending, Metal Bending, Combustion Bending, And Void Bending.

For those who choose not to follow the crowd, the Chi Blocking class lets you put those Benders in their place! If you purchase all of The different bending classes from the Gameshop, you as well as others who have done So will become eligible for the Avatar Class itself.

Avatar is the first in the list of worlds we will be putting out
The rest include

Bleach, Naruto, DragonBall, Pokemon, Sword Art Online, Fairytail, Attack on Titan, Log Horizon, SuperNatural, Lord of the Rings, Dungeon, Ken Genso, Smite and More

Explore the Avatar world!

Fight other players with impressive bending skills!

Make a claim and build a house!
Make your name known among the people!

The server IP address is
Minecraft version is 1.7.10
No Mods needed!
Come on and try us out, and if you want an Evolved Bending class,
You can find it in the shop in Avatar Shop  with /buy 1 in game!

You can also see the community challenge in the Avatar Shop for information on the free community give always for reaching goals together!

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