It's About Time Too

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Sep 8, 15

Hello Gamers of the World!

Celebrating Reaching our Goal of the New World Tree Server, alot of new Coding, Class's, Character's, and Creation's are coming to GamersRUs!

So it's about time to FALL BACK TO SCHOOL & SPRING AHEAD with our Seasonal SALE!!!

The Following CODES can be entered into the GameShop from Now until the End of the Month!

GRU250 - Enter on 1000 Coin's to Get $2.50 off 

GRU500 - Enter on 2500 Coin's to Get $5.00 off

GRU1000 - Enter on 5000 Coin's to Get $10.00 off

GRU1500 - Enter on 8000 Coin's to Get $15.00 off

and for the 1st time ever GRU2000 - Enter on 10'000 Coin's to Get $20.00 off

Now if thats not enough, then PLAY IT AGAIN, that's right each code can be used 2 Times before the End of the Month!

With the 14 Minecraft WorldSeeds, the 12 Garry's Mod Servers & The Brand New RP Worlds coming, this will keep you smiling for the Rest of the Year!

Now that's some serious in game upgrades, but thats not all!

You're gaming Skills are Strong, we see it in Game, but now you can represent your CORE in the Real World Game with GamersRUs Merchandise!

Head to the GameShop to Pre-Order GamersRUs, Shirts, Note Pads & Mouse Pads this Fall, with more items to be added before the End fo the Year!

So Join Us in Creating Excitement (JUICE) and Level Up this Fall @ GAMERSRUS


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