The Evolution of WorldSeed

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Aug 1, 15

With the Pre-Release of Minecraft 1.9 out,
We have begun developing the new worlds accordingly.
However, because all of GRU’s plugins and coding are tied to
Bukkit, the coding aspect for the worlds will be delayed
Until Bukkit is updated to 1.9

It is requested that the main players of GRU assist in the
Building and coding of the new Worldseed (primarily Bleach)
On Saturday the 31st. The more people the server has working
On it, the faster it can be released to the general public.

Lastly, we have been getting a lot of spammers and
Trolls on the server, and have prohibited their continued presence.
It’s not a good thing when we have some people
Harass our players and tarnish our reputation
By their words and actions. Thus, GRU will be
Re-implementing the Whitelist rule. Players who wish to
Join the server must be approved beforehand so we
Can make sure they aren’t joining just to troll
Or copy our work.

The recent 1.9 update is among the biggest updates ever before
Made in Minecraft, and we all are excited for the new
Things this presents to us. We gladly appreciate all of your help,
Those players who provide a continual server presence,
Provide monetary support, or supplemental support in any way.
We look forward to working with those players on Saturday
When we build up the Worldseed Evolution together.
Let us do the best we can, and play together after
We work together as friends and members of
Gamers R Us! - Obscurananoxa7