Something to Wet Your Pallet

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Jun 6, 15

Movie of the Week - Post Apocolyptic Pokemon

The Legendaries of the Pokemon world have debated the fate of humanity and deemed its Destruction is necessary to start anew.
With only the hope of Celebi (Pokemon spirit of Nature) Humankind found itself at the Start of a New World of Wilderness alone.

It is now upto you The Trainers that remain to discover and create the new Region of Kanto. With Respect to the Old World, we must build certain structures to advance the area we live in, and allow for the wild pokemon to return safely.

You arrive in the area once known as Pallet town, with only your starter, one axe and a memory of what was, You must build an area you to live alone, or with friends. Once complete, continue to build a Lab for the Professor and a store for you basic needs!

Good Luck, and remember, only your efforts can make the world a better place for the Pokemon of Kanto to Return!

The Files You Need to Play

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