The Dawn of Magic

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted Jun 2, 15

All Work Completed

Server Fully up and Running, all systems redone for optimal summer speeds!

Fairy Tail Shop is now open and updated! Some Items have been edited and updated. If you previously have an item that has been removed for change and revamping, you will receive a credit for the points used to apply to the new relevant item!

With all purchases in game purchases now until release of Episode One, you will receive in game items free to start your quest for the unique gaming experience!
Find out what they all are before the opening and the opportunity fades into the celestial stars :sick:

Now moving onto the architecture and layout for the Grand Magical Opening :sick:
Looking Forward to the Release of Episode 1 This week, will you be ready? only you can decide, see you there!

Until then Play and Enjoy the Coremunity a chance to advance with friends online!

The Files You Need to Play

GRUTV Line Up will appear on Events Page, so check site daily for release spoilers!