The Origins of The Grand Magic Games

By [GRU] Skykros aLOTR FOUNDERCloud - Posted May 15, 15

Welcome to The Early Training for Grand Magic Games

The Main Magic Event Starts Tomorrow 2:00PM ST ( Server Time ),

but today you can get into the action early!

In the Step 3 Folder of  The Files You Need to Play 

you will see special instructions for this weekends mods

With 24 hours to Train Early, go into the open world to better understand the Origins of Magic with the Foci you need.

If you have not purchased a Tournament Ticket, You can Contact Jinchuriki "MajinFu"

Fu Will Buy you a 5$ Entry Fee for 500 GameShop Points from you!

Need help installing the mods? Watch this Video Tutorial Below.

Will you be the first pick of the Fiore Wizards? Find out this weekend After the Tournament Ends!!

Good Luck & Game On

Skykros - Gamer / Owner / Admin (GOA)